IGI Real Estate

IGI Real Estate was created with the vision of becoming one of the leading realā€estate players in the Egyptian market back in 1994, developing well integrated residential communities and mixed-use developments targeting to enhance the way people live. IGI Real Estate developed multiple product offerings ranging between premium upscale residential compounds like Gardenia Park I & II and Gardenia Springs all the way to mixed- use compounds like Hayy El Ashgar, Ashgar Heights and Ashgar City. IGI Real Estate encompasses a versatile portfolio of primary home developments spanning the West and East side of Cairo. IGI Real Estate was one of the original founders and co-developers of Taba Heights and Sahl Hasheesh, in addition to several investment companies including: CIIC, CIRD, and ECETA. IGI held a 55% stake in Marriott Taba and was one of its developers, before exiting its stake in 2004 to focus on core operations